The Future Is Here

Since the dawn of civilisation, technology has fueled the growth of many societies and economies by increasing productivity and efficiency in almost every industry. Holding innovation as the hallmark of CYST, CRI is essentially the birthplace of the company's highly sophisticated technologies.
At CRI, we aim to improve existing technology through research and development in Artificial Intelligence, Medical Research and potentially Nanotechnology.

Our Projects

Sentiment Analysis

Human communication is full of emotions and subliminal messages that can be very challenging for a computer to understand.
Using Artificial Intelligence techniques, we are building an artificial cognitive system that is capable of understanding the emotion or sentiment behind texts and speeches.
Currently, the system can identify the overall sentiment of a news article or publication by just feeding it with the url of the text's source.


This is the web portal where we showcase our business intelligence tools that are powered by Artificial Intelligence.
These tools provide insights using natural language processing and other machine learning algorithms to offer predictive analysis.
It will be opened to the public once our beta testing program begins.


Artificial Cognitive Engine

One of the biggest goals of Artificial Intelligence is to make computers truly intelligent. Using Deep Learning, we are building a general purpose artificial intelligence system that can solve a wide variety of complex tasks without training it explicitly.